The Hinge 2

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Chris Bee's release of choice for hunting and target archery.

"The Hinge 2 by Ultraview was designed for comfort, which results in having correct hand placement every time, which results in more consistent shots. I prefer the lighter aluminum and a click, but love the option of changing the click speed or making it have no click with the spin of an allen wrench. I also pair mine with the Hunting Bracket in the woods to allow a lanyard and an easy thumb position to help draw my bow" - Chris

Designed to fit your hand perfectly every time you draw your bow back. This consistent hand placement helps you develop rock-solid shot execution and tighter groups. Never let your release hang up again and become great with your archery with The Hinge 2.

  • Micro-adjust click and fire - A dual moon system allows you to micro-adjust the timing of both your click and fire moons independently.
  • Quiet magnetic head retention - A small magnet holds the head back from freely flopping around, making it whisper quiet in the woods and always at the ready.
  • Designed for comfort and consistency - The most comfortable and consistent release you will ever shoot. Deliberate, ergonomic finger beds that fit your hand perfectly.